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    Hydrates, exfoliates, extracts and replenishes all in one treatment leaving your skin with a glow people will notice.

    Your session includes our uniquely English, personalized, hands on approach to skin care and Hydrafacial MD's deep cleansing $225.00


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    Jacqui Gallagher

    Esthetician (License No. Z53128)

    “My goal is for every client to see and feel a wonderful difference in their skin every time they come to my studio."

    Born and raised in England, Jacqui grew up picking lavender with her grandmother. They would create oils that provided a wonderful healing, reviving, and renewing scent. Jacqui brings this timeless tradition to her work as an esthetician.


    Almost every English garden grew lavender, so when we say we have a uniquely English touch we recognize its natural therapeutic qualities. Using natural resources, Jacqui will work with you to achieve your optimal goals, maximizing the individual qualities of your skin so that you present your best self.


    Jacqui has over 14 years experience specializing in corrective skin care which focuses on making your skin as healthy as it can be. What makes Lavender Skin Care Studio unique and special? It's your treatment by Jacqui as she guides you along the path to healthy skin!

    "Healthy skin has a glow to it... and when your skin is healthy, you feel good and you look beautiful inside and out."


    A simple routine makes everything happier.

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    Corrective Treatments

    from $125

    LavenderTouch Chemical Peels. Each of our peels and scrubs are customized to complement your personal natural pH. For corrective work, acne, rosacea, dehydration, fine lines and wrinkles. Lavender's chemical peels come in an assortment of glycolics, salicylics and lactic acids – all natural exfoliants helping specific skin concerns – this treatment will be customized for your personalized skin needs.





    from $100

    LavenderTouch Classic European or Aromatherapy Facial. A completely balanced facial for relaxation and the maintenance of optimal skin health. Facial includes deep cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, massage and a relaxing mask. Your skin is then toned and the balance of the natural pH. is restored. The treatment is completed with a soothing rehydration. A scalp and foot massage is also included in this treatment.



    Phototherapy - IPL

    from $200

    Our Phototherapy IPL is an intensive, concentrated light technology which is providing fantastic correction to specific skin problems and conditions in the following areas:

    - Lightened pigmentation

    - Reducing the signs of aging

    - Minimizing fine lines and wrinkles

    - Homogenized skin

    - For optimum results, a customized 4 week program is recommended.



    Problem Skin Areas

    from $125

    LavenderTouch Clear Touch (L.H.E.) for Acne. This new technology is specifically designed to target problem acne. This new treatment is working wonders in zapping acne at the source. Talk to us about customizing a program that works for your individual needs. We also have a special program to help your teenagers understand how to keep their skin clean and healthy as we apply a natural, homeopathic treatment that can help prevent and treat acne. $45


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    Also Available:



    LED Light Therapy

    Oxygen Infusion


    Clear Touch Therapy

    Lip and Eye Infusion


    Lash & Brow Tinting

    Back Treatments

    Men's Skin Care


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    Oxygen Infusion Therapy
    Like a breath of fresh air for your skin...

    Oxygen Infusion Therapy infuses your skin with vitamins A, C and E to create a healthy glow and brightness that people will notice.






    Put on a happy face! Put your best

    face forward!

    • Evens skin tone

    • Repairs pigment damage

    • Reduces inflammation from rosacea and acne

    • Restores broken capillaries

    • Strengthens skin cells


    LED Light Therapy with Collagen Infusion

    Tone, Lift & Tighten


    We combine LED light therapy with a collagen infused mask that penetrates deep into your skin and stimulates your own natural collagen growth.

    Smooths fine lines, reduces skin inflammation caused by acne and rosacea and evens skin tone by correcting pigment damage.


    A Touch of Lavender

    Our signature treatment!

    The ultimate in stress reduction, A Touch of Lavender combines a luxurious facial with head and neck massage, a calming mask, hydrating moisturizers and a guided meditation written and recorded specially for our clients. You won't find this treatment anywhere else ~ truly a one of a kind treatment!

  • Skin Care Products

    An All Natural, Soothing Approach

    Exclusively at Lavender Touch...

    At Lavender Touch Skin Care Studio, we use products specially formulated for the treatments we provide. Of course, we use many products infused with lavender for a soothing, therapeutic approach to skin care. All of our customized products provide natural hydration for your skin.


    Our products are all natural, organic, and homeopathic, used in combination with the latest techniques in skin care and correction treatments.


    If you are interested in purchasing any of the products you experience during your visit with us, please inquire at the time of your appointment. Or shop in our online store below.

    (Please see our product sales policy below)


    Natural, organic, naturally scented... custom designed with our clients in mind. Our products are paraben free and do not contain additives... providing the best skin care nature has to offer! Save 15% on your first order when you use the promo code LAV15!  

    UV Ultra Protect SPF30 with Z-Cote

    UV Ultra Protect SPF30 with Z-Cote

    All natural sunscreen formula for all skin types. Non greasy, full spectrum coverage.
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    Eye Creams: Hydrating, repair damage, lighten dark circles, smooth fine lines.

    Eye Creams: Hydrating, repair damage, lighten dark circles, smooth fine lines.

    70.00 - 74.00
    EYE RESTORATION COMPLEX: Ideal for helping to erase visible signs of aging or dehydration. Can reduce the appearance of dark circles and fine lines around the eyes, firm skin and protect against sun damage.
    PRESCRIPTIVE EYE TREATMENT: Smooths fine lines and helps firm up skin that is dry, weathered, damaged and/or aging. Hydrates and repairs damaged skin cells and reduces wrinkles.
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    Oily-Acne-Congested Skin: Draws out impurities and reduces inflammation.

    Oily-Acne-Congested Skin: Draws out impurities and reduces inflammation.

    INTENSIVE SEA CLEANSER: Unique and gentle, sea kelp is used to draw out impurities from pores leaving skin feeling smooth and soft.
    PURIFYING TONER: Combines antioxidants with natural plant extracts that reduce acne breakouts leaving skin clear and balanced.
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    Sensitive Skin: Soothes and moisturizes sun damaged and sensitive skin

    Sensitive Skin: Soothes and moisturizes sun damaged and sensitive skin

    SENSICALM CLEANSER: Ideal as a cleanser for thorough cleaning of sensitive skin.
    SENSICALM TONER: Helps tighten pores and moisturizes dry spots. Helps sensitive skin appear more toned.
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    Corrective Products: Help repair, cleanse and tone damaged skin.

    Corrective Products: Help repair, cleanse and tone damaged skin.

    70.00 - 107.00
    GLYCOLIC CLEANSER: Clears dry, damaged cells from skin areas not reached in daily, routine cleaning. Opens and clears pores of oil and dirt, hydrates and softens.
    GLYCOLIC TONER: Helps shrink pores, moisturizes dry patches and makes skin appear more toned.
    GLYCOLIC SERUM: Reduces the appearance of large pores, acne scarring and hyperpigmentation while soothing dry skin.
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    Moisturizers: Firm, protect, tone, repair, and create a vibrant appearance.

    Moisturizers: Firm, protect, tone, repair, and create a vibrant appearance.

    85.00 - 96.00
    ALPHA LIPOIC PERFECTING CREAM: Firms, tones and protects the skin, smooths and repairs dry chapped skin.
    AZULENE MOISTURIZNG CREAM: Soothes sensitive skin without leaving a heavy film and can act as an anti-inflammatory.
    C FACTOR CREAM: Promotes skin integrity and healing to reduce the signs of aging.
    HONEY SOY CREAM: Restores vitality and luster to the skin especially during menopause.
    HYDRAPLENISH COLLAGEN CREAM: Promotes the growth of collagen making the skin smoother and more supple.
    RETINOL RENEWAL CREAM: Rich in peptides to even out texture and improve firmness for a vibrant complexion.
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    Serums: Absorbed quickly into your skin for rapid results you can see!

    Serums: Absorbed quickly into your skin for rapid results you can see!

    GLYCOLIC SERUM: Reduces the appearance of large pores, acne scarring and hyperpigmentation, providing a balanced look.
    ALA LIFTING SERUM: Contains antioxidants that attack free radicals that try to damage healthy skin cells.
    PIGMENT BALANCING COMPLEX: Inhibits dark pigment and lightens, brightens and evens out skin tone.
    COPPER PEPTIDE CoQ10 WITH HYLURONIC ACID: Peptides help collagen flll in wrinkles and lines. CoQ10 improves the appearance of sun damaged skin and holds in moisture for new cell growth.
    VITAMIN C AND COLLAGEN: Brightens and firms skin. Helps skin heal and maintain firmness.
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    Masks: Stimulate skin cells, hydrate, repair, brighten and moisturize.

    Masks: Stimulate skin cells, hydrate, repair, brighten and moisturize.

    85.00 - 96.00
    COLLAGEN INFUSION MASK: Works on the surface of the skin while stimulating collagen production in deeper layers. Helps maintain elasticity and firmness.
    DETOXIFYING MASK: Repairs damaged, dull looking skin leaving it clear, toned and purified. Helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles while cleansing pores.
    NOURISHING ANTIOXIDANT MASK: Delivers an infusion of moisture and antioxidants directly to dry or prematurely aging or stressed skin. Soothes irritation and promotes collagen production.

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    Here's What Our Clients Are Saying...

    We're dedicated to providing the best corrective skin care and service that you won't find anywhere else!

    Jacqui is the best! My sister in law and I gifted each other the touch of lavender treatment and it was a wonderful combination of massage, guided meditation and facial. I left feeling relaxed and refreshed. I’ll be going back for facials on a regular basis! -Jordan


    I live in Oregon and I drive to Lavender Touch in Santa Rosa for the best facials in the world! You should too! FIVE STARS! -Hillary

    I am in awe of Jacqui and her incredible talent. I have Rosacea and I have tried just about everything to combat all the issues my skin had, then I made an appointment at Lavender Touch Skin Care after a series of hydra facials and IPL photo facials my skin is lighter, less congested and my uneven skin texture is healed. My goal is to once again be able to stop wearing foundation to hide my skin and now thanks to Jacqui I see that happening in the near future. - May


    Jacqui is the best! My skin has totally transformed under her careful supervision. I came in with totally congested skin, and thanks to a few hydrafacials, peels, and her products, I have seen a great improvement in my skin texture and a reduction of breakouts. I really appreciate her flexibility as well, I do not have a lot of availability and Jacqui's willingness to work with that means a lot to me. She is the sweetest and I highly recommend her to everyone!! - Danielle


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    Jacqui Gallagher is a member of:

    Phone: (707)-480-0012


    659 Cherry St., Suite 205

    Santa Rosa, CA 95404

    Lavender Touch Skin Care Studio Appointment Policy: A valid credit card number is required at the time of booking to hold your appointment space. You card will NOT be charged unless you cancel with less than 24 hour notice, or do NOT SHOW at all for your appointment. A cancellation fee of the treatment price you scheduled will apply If you do not show or call to cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours notice. If you are a Groupon customer and do not show for your scheduled appointment your Groupon coupon will no longer be valid.

    We set aside the time of your appointment just for you, if you don't show we cannot fill the time slot. We do not accept walk-in clients.


    Product Sales Policy: All sales are final. Products are custom packaged and arrive fresh from our packaging partner. Product cannot be returned for refund once it has left the studio.

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